Mary’s yard is a mess. She needs to hire someone to prune her trees and shrubs. A landscaping service she calls quotes her a price of $15 consultation fee plus $8 an hour for the actual work. Mary’s neighbor has offered to help her out. She doesn’t charge a consultation fee, but does charge $10 an hour for her work. Write two equations, one that describes the landscaping service charge and one that describes your neighbor’s charge. Let Cequal the charge as a function of h, the number of hours worked. a.C = 15 + 10hC = 8h b.C = 10h + 8hC = 15 c.C = 15 + 8hC = 10hd.C = 18hC = 15

Accepted Solution

Answer:I think it's CStep-by-step explanation:Maey should hire a landscaping service and if ther is more than 7.5h she could hire her neighbour